February 28, 2005

Terrorists Behead Another Woman; second beheading victim this week and third woman

Iraqi police found the beheaded body of a woman in Baghdad's al Adl district today. The woman was the second beheading victim in the past week. This also marks the third time in a week a woman had been murdered in Iraq, apparently for 'collaboration'.

Various news sources, including al Jazeera, report that the woman was dressed in black, her body wrapped in a carpet. A note attached to the corpse simply read: "Spy".

It is quite common for Islamic terrorists to accuse their victims of being a spy or collaborator. Hostages are often forced to make confessions before their captors murder them--whether they are beheaded or shot. Usually, working in any capacity with the Iraqi government is enough to convince terrorist forces that a person is a spy. [hat tip: Paul at Wizbang who e-mailed this to me]

Last week the body of a woman was found in the Northern Iraqi city of Irbil [story here]. Our earlier report speculated that the body was that of a pro-American Iraqi reporter who had been captured by hostages. However, today Raiedah Mohammed Wageh Wazan's body was found in Mosul [via Interested Participant]:

The body of a female news anchor was found in Mosul Saturday, six days after masked gunmen kidnapped her, reports her family.

The husband of Raiedah Mohammed Wageh Wazan said her body was dumped along a street. She had been shot four times in the head.

More here and here.

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