February 28, 2005

Mass Murder by Terrorists in Iraq Kills 100+

The latest estimate of the car-bombing mass murder in Hilla Iraq is 110. The number climbs with each new report. The mass murders continue in Iraq as a result of the combination of Islamist rhetoric against the 'Crusader Forces' and the Leftist media reinforcing the Americans as agressors and brutal occupiers. The terrorist murderers justify such homicide bombings as legitimate resistance to occupation and their targets as collaborators.


A massive car bomb blast killed over 110 people and wounded as many as 130 in the central Iraqi town of Hilla.

The attack is being described as the single deadliest in Iraq since the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003.

The explosion took place when a suicide car bomber drove into a crowd of people who had lined up to outside a medical centre to get their medical certificates required for government jobs.

Hundreds of people were ferried to the hospital and many of the injured are reported to be in a serious condition.

Devastated scene of crime

The number of dead and injured is particularly high because there was also a crowded market place nearby.

Several shops and parked cars were also destroyed in Hilla, which is located 95 kilometres south of capital Baghdad.

It's primarily a Shia town, and the blast comes at a time when Iraqi groups are holding talks to form a new Shia-dominated government following last month's historic general elections.

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