February 26, 2005

Blog Sabbath

Remember that tomorrow is the blog Sabbath. I urge all to observe.

But Rusty, you say, I don't believe in your Sabbath day observance mumbo and/or jumbo.

Just remember folks, blogs were made for bloggers and not bloggers for the blog.

Seriously, the more I know my site is read the more I obsess about it. I think about what I'm going to write next constantly. How to get more links. How to piss Duncan Black off again. How to increase Google hits.

The past few weeks traffic has been on the upswing. I find myself obsessing about keeping it up. Was Marx really thinking about bloggers when he spoke of the bourgoise obsession with falling back into the ranks of the proletariat? My nightmares revolve around death threats from followers of the Religion of Peace and becoming a Large Mammal again.

I wake up sweating, with an uncontrolable impulse to check the doors to see if they are locked and check Technorati to see if any one has linked me lateley.

Bloggers need breaks. A day to connect with real people. A day to devote to family. A day to do something other than blog and read other blogs. Sunday will be that day for me.

People, get a life. The next Rathergate can wait a day!

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