February 25, 2005

Founder of anti-Iraq War Movement in Britan Now Pro-War

Harry Barnes, a Member of Parliament and one of the founders of Labour Against the War has defected. It seems the Iraq War was worth it after all. Times Online:

An MP who was a founder member of Labour Against the War has quit the group, saying that after last month’s elections in Iraq he now believed Allied troops should remain in the country, it emerged today....

The North-East Derbyshire MP, who is stepping down at the election, accused his former colleagues in the anti-war movement of retailing "simple-minded" claims about the extent of civilian casualties in Iraq since the war....

He could no longer support the anti-war camp’s demands for withdrawal of troops of the US-led coalition, which he said should be a decision for the Iraqi people....

Mr Barnes accused the anti-war movement of offering a "one-sided" view of life in Iraq, endlessly repeating the 100,000 casualty estimate produced in an analysis of deaths caused by the conflict, published in the academic journal The Lancet.

"That analysis said it could be anything between 2,000 and 198,000," he said. "Some things are just over-the-top and simple-minded."

Thanks for the tip from Dr. Leopold Stotch via e-mail.

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