February 25, 2005

Ahmed Omar Abu Ali's Terrorist Connections Revealed

Evan Kohlman of the Counterterrorism blog has uncovered more connections between Ahmed Omar Abu Ali and an al Qaeda plot to assassinate the President of the United States. Ali's parents own words also reveal the extent to which the family was involved in the Islamist movement.

The USDOJ alleges that Abu Ali along with "Co-Conspirator #2" plotted to either shoot the President or use a car-bomb to kill him. But who is "Co-Conspirator #2"? His name is Zubayr Al-Rimi.

You can read how Evan linked the two here.

According to the FBI, "Zubayr Al-Rimi is being sought for questioning in connection with possible threats against the United States."

Apparently Reuters picked up on Evan's line of reasoning:

The man, identified only as co-conspirator No. 2, was on a list of 19 suspects in suicide bombings at housing compounds in Riyadh in May 2003 that killed 35 people. Saudi officials have said the 19 had contacts with al-Qaida.

Among those killed in a raid in September 2003 was Zubayr al-Rimi, also known as Sultan Jubran Sultan al-Qahtani. Saudi officials described him as the second-ranking al-Qaida member in Saudi Arabia. The raid came after a tip from the FBI, part of heightened cooperation between the United States and Saudi Arabia following the May attacks.

Meanwhile, Ahmed Omar Abu Ali's parents continue to feign that they knew nothing of their sons jihadi ties and are bringing suit against the United States. This despite the fact that they sent their son to a Wahhabi school funded by the Saudis and attended a Saalifiyah mosque. ABC News:
The family of a 23-year-old accused of plotting with al-Qaida to kill President Bush said Thursday they want to pursue a lawsuit accusing the administration of being behind their son's detention and alleged torture in a Saudi prison.

Ahmed Abu Ali "was tortured on orders of the USA; they are monsters," his mother, Faten, said outside a federal courtroom.

And how does Faten, who is from Jordan yet wears the veil so common in Saudi Arabia, know? She knows it because the US is the puppetmaster of Saudi Arabia. This is what her husband claims:
The young man's father, Omar, said, "The Saudi government are slaves of the Americans" and the U.S. government is lying when it says his son was under Saudi control for the 20 months before he was flown to the United States and charged.
Oddly enough, this is the same thing the jihadis in the Muslim Brotherhood believe. The organization with ties to the mosque that the Ali family attend. The Muslim American Society, the US branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, organized the press conference and rally that the Ali couple made the accusation.

Coincidentally, the al Qaeda Organization on the Arabian Peninsula also believes that the Saudi government is a slave of the Americans. The younger Ali is accused of being a member of that organization.

Whether or not the parents openly support violent jihad against the US and Saudi government is irrelevant if they believe that the US and their Saudi puppets are evil and corrupt governments. If the son also believed what was being taught in the home, in school, and in the mosque than it is predictable that he would follow his conscience and plan war against those he was taught to hate.

Abu Ali the elder also claims that his son was tortured in Saudi Arabia at the behest of the CIA. How does he know?

Outside the courtroom, Omar Abu Ali said he knew his son was being tortured at the Alhair prison in Riyadh because of the words the young man blurted out in his first phone call home after being arrested.

"I've been on a long trip in a wild jungle," Omar Abu Ali said his son told him. The father said he was terrified by the call because he knew it was code that he was being tortured.

Sounds like code for "I was tortured" to me. However, from the motion filed by the DOJ over bail we learn:
An American doctor gave the defendant a thorough physical examination on or about February 21, 2005, after the defendant had been transferred by the Saudi Government to U.S. custody. The doctor found no evidence of any physical mistreatment on the defendant’s back or any other part of his body. Moreover, the doctor specifically asked the defendant if he had been abused or harmed in any way, and the defendant said no.
During the initial hearing, you will recall, that Abu Ali's lawyer blurted out that Ali had been beaten and exclaimed he wanted to show the judge. The lawyer, of course, knew that the judge would not allow that to be done. Further:
The Consul at the U.S. embassy in Riyadh, an employee of the Department of State, met
personally with the defendant on several occasions during his detention in Saudi Arabia.
On no occasion did the defendant complain of any physical or psychological
mistreatment. To the contrary, the defendant advised the Consul – to whom he could have confided claims of mistreatment to prompt intervention on his behalf by the U.S. Government – that he was being well treated. For example, during the Consul’s initial visit with the defendant on July 8, 2003, the defendant used the words “excellent,” “kind,” and “humane” to describe his treatment. During a subsequent visit in August 2003, the defendant remarked that he had access to a gym with fitness machines and was permitted to play soccer with other inmates in a gym area. The Consul routinely recorded after each visit that the defendant “was in good health and spirits. There was nothing in his physical appearance, demeanor, or speech to indicate mistreatment or abuse.”
It goes on, but the most telling part from the DOJ motion is this:
Not until his initial appearance, with members of the news media present, did the defendant claim that he had been physically mistreated while in Saudi custody.

We have been leading the fight to uncover the conncections between the Ali family and the jihadi ideology. If any readers have more information, please send it to me at me e-mail address shown in the left side-bar.

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