February 25, 2005

Iran Gives Rape Victim 100 Lashes for Sex

At least this teenage girl didn't get the maximum sentence for sex outside of marriage which is the death penalty. Under sharia law, a rape victim must prove that they sufficiently struggled against her attackers. If a woman claims rape and there are no male witnesses to testify on her behalf she is subject to penalties such as this.

Robert Spencer notes that "How did they establish that she consented? This article doesn't say, but it was probably from the testimony of the men involved. Traditional Islamic law disallows a woman's testimony in such a case."

Further, note the discrepency between the girls punishment and the boys involved. BBC:

The court dismissed the girl's claim that she was raped. It said she had sex of her own free will, the official Iran Daily newspaper reported.

The girl was sentenced to 100 lashes because her accusations of rape and kidnap could have landed her partners a death penalty, the Tehran judge said.

Sex outside marriage is illegal in Iran and capital punishment can be imposed.

The young men in the case were sentenced to 30 and 40 lashes each.

Under Iranian law, girls over the age of nine and boys over 16 face the death penalty for crimes such as rape and murder, while capital punishment can be imposed in certain cases of illegal sexual relationships....

Yes, let's let these people develop nukes. More evidence the once progressive Persian state has become deeply perverted by the Islamic Revolution.

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