February 24, 2005

$10,000 Reward Offered for Proof Gannon Slept With Top Officials (UPDATE: Gannon-Rather-KKKarl-Rove-Gate)

Blogger Kelly Ann Collins has teamed up with a 'source' to offer a reward for any one that had GAY KINKY-SEX with top-ranking (read: ANY Republican) government (read: or any one who has ever shaken a Republican's hand) official. None of this is about sex, of course, but did we forget to mention the fact that Jeff Gannon / James Guckert was a GAY KINKY-SEX PROSTITUTE & ESCORT and that we're looking for DNA evidence? From the post:

A wealthy Washington socialite is offering a $10,000 reward for proof that Jeff Gannon (pictured), an allegedly gay kinky-sex prostitute / escort / white house reporter / GOP operative, has had sexual relations with top-ranking government officials....

So, I ask again -- have you seen this man? Have you slept with this man? Do you know this man?

A local socialite, who wishes to remain anonymous, has teamed up with this site to offer a $10,000 reward to anyone that can provide hard proof (photos, phone pictures, locks of hair, DNA on a suit) that Jeff Gannon had ANY sexual -- or romantic -- relationship with any top-ranking officials here in Washington.

HT to Wonkette who adds:
Huh. Since when is Matt Drudge a "local socialite"? Also: expect giggling over the definition of "top-ranking." Heh.
Update: Goldstein and Ace offer their commentary.

UPDATE II: Jeff Gannon has his own blog (ht: Hubris in PW comments)


In a revelation so shocking that it will bring the citizen-journalist phenomenon to a halt and will no doubt usher in the era of the politician-journalist, Rep. Maurice Hinchey (D-NY) has revealed that Jeff Gannon was responsible for breaking Rathergate which proves once and for all the KKKarl Rove did forge those documents in a grand conspiracy (no doubt orchestrated by Shrimp-Chub-Bush's masters in the Illumnati-Trialateral-Zionist-Haliburton-Mossad Commission).

How does he know? He can feel it, man. He can feel it.

Charles Johnson first broke this amazing revelation which is sure to break my spirits and lead me to volunteer for the Media Matters empire which, incidentally, is run by David Brock the man who was deceived--just like I have been--by the vast right--wing-Christian-Coalition conspiracy into writing the journalistic masterpiece and Pulitzer nominated books The Real Anita Hill & The Seduction of Hilary Rodham before he saw the light and joined the left-wing-gay-outting integrity filled and Soros funded empire of Media Matters and wrote the classic and acclaimed The Republican Noise Machine: The Right-Wing Media and How it Corrupts Democracy.

Ace and Rob have more. Both obviously still deceived by the corporate media.

Instapundit chimes in on KKKarl Rove-Gannon-Rathergate, kinda. Did you know Glenn Reynolds writes for MSNBC, a subsidiary of NBC, a subsidiary of General Electric which also happens to build the jet engines for the US war machine. Who profitted from the Iraq war? Follow the money, man. Follow the money.

UPDATE III: On a serious note, the other day MSNBC ran every single question asked by Gannon in news conferences. Not a single one seemed out of the ordinary. Not a single one seemed any less inane and trite than ones offered by legitimate reporters. None.

But what about all the softball questions?

The hard questions are the ones you want asked. It's all subjective. To the folks at Media Matters the hard questions are never asked.

I take it anything short of 'Ari, when is Bush-Hitler going to admit he lied to lead us into war so that we could steal oil for Haliburton and murder innocent Iraqi children and torture prisoners at Abu Ghraib?' would suffice.

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