February 24, 2005

Would Be Bush Assassin's Jihadi Connections

The Justice Department's motion to detain Ahmed Omar Abu Ali is full of interesting facts that show a deep connection between the man and the jihad ideology. The motion can be downloaded from this post. For instance, the following describes a book found by the FBI links Ahmed Omar Abu Ali to the Muslim Brotherhood.

You will recall from this post that Ahmed Omar Abu Ali attended a mosque with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Although the official stance of the Muslim Brotherhood has been to renounce violence in pursuit of their political goals, it is the nature of the political goals themselves that are troubling. The Muslim Brotherhood wishes to restore the global calilphate and impose sharia law. The Muslim Brotherhood is in fact the ideological parent of al Qaeda.

If The Muslim Brotherhood sounds so familiar it is because Lynne Stewart was recently convicted of passing information from her terrorist client Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman to the radical Egyptian Brotherhood, an offshoot of the larger group. The Sheik was a key figure in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

From the Defense Department's motion recounting material found in Ahmed Omar Abu Ali's Fairfax, Virginia home:

A book in Arabic written by senior al-Qaeda official Ayman al-Zawahiri, Usama bin Laden’s deputy, in which al-Zawahiri characterizes democracy as a new religion that must be destroyed by war, describes anyone who supports democracy as an infidel, and condemns the Muslim Brotherhood for renouncing violent jihad as a means to establishing an Islamic state.
In another document we hear the standard Islamist rejoinder against the US toppling of the Taliban regime and praises the Sept. 11th attrocities. Notice how jihadis both deny that bin Laden was responsible for the attacks yet praise him for doing so:
Nearly ten months ago, the World was witness to a momentous attack against the greatest Empire of modern times. On September 11, 2001, a little past nine in the morning, time stood still. In a brief moment, the United States of America suffered the pain the people of Iraq and Palestine endure on a daily basis . . . .

In one of the most sophisticated, well-planned attacks seen in modern times, the
Twin Towers, the source of providing $5 Billion in annual aid to Israel, were destroyed. And what is often conveniently forgotten is that the third plane turned
the Pentagon, the symbol of American military supremacy, into a rhombus, whilst the fourth plane was shot down by the US themselves. In barber shops, cafes, markets, everywhere people were whispering celebrations . . . .

Within days of the attack, without a shred of evidence, the blame was laid firmly and squarely on one man, Usama Bin Laden. The US in its arrogance demanded that Mullah Omar, the Leader of the Believers hand Usama Bin Laden over to them, r face the consequences.

Clearly George Bush has never met Mullah Omar; had he done [so] he may have realised that the Prince of Believers fears no one but Allah, Lord of the Worlds. Mullah Omar would rather walk through a blazing fire than betray his friend and guest. . . . Mullah Omar, the Mujahideen of both Al-Qaida and Taliban chose to endure the pain of 15,000 lb ‘Daisy Cutter’ bombs in order to protect their friend and hold fast to the principles of their religion. Men with this courage, honour and integrity are indeed diamonds amongst the rocks . . . . Will the mothers of theUmmah raise more men of this calibre?

As reported by us here, the MSM left out the fact that tapes found in Ahmed Omar Abu Ali's house promoted violence against Christians as well as Jews. Oddly, press accounts mentioned the tapes promoted violent jihad against Jews, but left out Christians. This bolsters Ali's innocence claims because many on the American left believe that fighting jihad against Zionists is a legitimate use of violence:
Audio tapes in Arabic promoting violent jihad, the killing of Jews, and a battle by Muslims against Christians and Jews.
This last bit from the motion sums it all up:
The defendant’s possession of these items at his residence makes it clear that even before he departed the United States for Saudi Arabia in September 2002, he already had come to embrace and support the violent ideology and objectives of al-Qaeda.
It should come as no surprise that the Valedictorian of a school with a Wahhabi curriculum--a school entirely funded by the Saudi Arabian government--who attended a mosque with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, who's family calls on the help of the Muslim American Society--the American arm of the Muslim Brotherhood--would actually believe what he was being taught and attempt to act on those beleifs.

The objection might be raised that since the Muslim Brotherhood has parted with al Qaeda by renouncing violence that these connections are meaningless. Possibly, however the renouncement of violence was a tactical move on part of the Muslim Brotherhood. They did not renounce violent jihad in principle, rather, they say violent jihad is not necessarily the best tactic.

More evidence that Ahmed Omar Abu Ali hated his country of birth comes from the motion. We reported early on that the indicted suspect's father and mother, Omar and Faten Ali, are Jordanian by birth (after correcting an error that we made that they were Saudi). While Omar has become a naturalized citizen of the US, his wife Faten is still a Jordanian. Because of this, Ahmed Omar Abu Ali was a dual citizen of Jordan and the US.

What would you do if you had dual citizenship and yet believed that one of these two nations was guilty of being the equivalent of Nazi Germany? From the motion:

The government proffers that the defendant lived in Jordan from 1993 to 1997, and that he has close family members residing in Jordan. Indeed, the defendant has admitted that he possesses Jordanian citizenship in addition to his U.S. citizenship10 and, in a
November 2003 meeting with the U.S. Consul in Riyadh, inquired about the procedures for renouncing his U.S. citizenship.

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