February 23, 2005

Christian Sentenced to Seven Years in Pakistan for Tearing Up Quran

Our allies, those loveable Pakistanis, are at it again. Remember, Pakistan is a moderate Islamic country. At least this poor man didn't get the maximum sentence. The maximun sentence for blasphemy is death under all systems of Islamic law.

Daily Times via Jane:

Chishtian Civil Judge Muhammad Ashraf Bhatti on Wednesday sentenced Bashir Masih, 30, to seven years rigorous imprisonment on charges of desecrating the Quran.... A court official alleged that Bashir Masih was a magician cum exorcist and police had caught him tearing a copy of the Quran in Chak No 109/Fateh in Bahawalnagar district last year. Bashir was tried under Section 295-B of the Blasphemy Law. The convict confessed to the crime, saying tearing the Quran was part of the magic he was doing.

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