February 22, 2005

C-3PO Comments On Paris Hilton and Other News


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C-3PO comments on images found on Paris Hilton's hacked Sidekick: "Oh my!"

On Jeff Ganon/James Guckert's plans to sue Media Matters: "R-2 says the chances of winning are seven-hundred and twenty-five to one."

On Bill Burkett plans to sue CBS News for publishing his phony memo:""Sometimes I just don't understand human behavior."

On the USA Next advertisement: "Good heavens, gay you say?"

On former Kerry advisers working for the UN and making anti-Fox News ads:"I believe they think I'm some sort of god."

On Taliban giving up in Afghanistan:""Wait a minute! Where are you going!"

On the British Navy recruiting the gays:"Are they in need of a protocol robot?"

On Congressman Hinchey's retreat from reality: "Oh switch off!"

On Elizabeth Hurley in new Harry Potter movie: "Fabulous."

On Japan considering outlawing knives: ""Are you sure this thing is safe?"

On ex-Turkish PM on trial for fraud and corruption: "I believe it's some sort of Jawa dialect, sir."

On Simon's Asian blog roundup: "I am programmed in over 6 million languages, sir."

On the New Blog showcase:"We have found the computer outlet sir."

On the Llama Butchers:"The above photo-shop is designed primarily for Steve's screensaver? I'm not telling him that."

Update: On the Earthquake in Iran: "It's against my programming to impersonate a deity."

Update II: On efforts to remove life support from Terry Schiavo:"See above."

On Ward Churchill getting tenure by mistake:"I'm sorry, sir, my irony circuits seem to be on overload."

Update III: On the Editor's engagement to be married:"I say, good show."

On Hawaii outlawing the consumption of dog and cat meat:"Oh no the Rancor!"

Update IV: On Bush efforts to reforge old alliances: "Do take good care of yourself."

On President's day:"R2d2 You know better than to talk to a strange computer."

On Democratic Underground Hunter S. Thompson conspiracy theories:"Good heavens, no!"

UPDATE 2/23: On Michael Schiavo's attempts to kill his wife Terry: Click to here

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