February 21, 2005



Markos 'Screw Them' Zuniga takes offense at the above advertisement by USA Next running at The American Spectator, former home of one David Brock--the man who owns Media Matters and employs a number of prominent left-wing bloggers.*

Apparently his readers take offense, too, and he has inspired a number of 'clever' photoshops. The America(it's all about the gay cock)blog actually has a funny photoshop (inspired by Atrios) and is the least offensive. Dohiyi Mir and Suburban Nomad so 'cleverly' comes up with a photoshop of Bush's 'real agenda' of torturing prisoners at Abu Ghraib and stomping out the Constitution, inspired, no doubt by Kos' use of the word fascist to describe the GOP today.

I, on the other hand, propose this less offensive photoshop that Kos, Atrios, and Media Matters in general has inspired.


UPDATE: Kevin Drum and Digby chime in on those Swift Boat liars. (via Meme Random)

UPDATE II: James Joyner has a good run-down on the controversy.

*For the record the banner ad is pretty lame and inflamatory. But mostly it's just gay.

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