February 19, 2005

Terrorists Release Indonesian Hostages Video

Two Indondesian hostages, Meutya Hafid and her cameraman known only as Budianto, appeared in a new video released by a group calling themselves Jaish al-Mujahidin, or Army of Warriors, al Jazeera reports. However, the Associated Press reports that a voice can be heard on the video claiming the group is called Mujahedeen in Iraq.

The AP reports that a voice on the video says, "We are now investigating the reason they are in the country, and we ask the Indonesian government to clarify their position and tell us the reason they are in the country. Otherwise we will kill them."

In response, Indonesia has issued several statements clarifying their anti-war stance. Family members have also emphasized that the journalists were in the country to report on the plight of the Iraqi people.

Image: al Jazeera

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