February 19, 2005

Italians Lobby for Release of Hostage by Calling for End to Occupation

What could possibly motivate a left-wing anti-American Italian journalist to stage her own kidnapping by terrorists in Iraq? Perhaps she knew that left-wingers around the world would blame the USA for her plight. AP:

Thousands of people marched in Rome today to demand the release of an Italian journalist kidnapped in Iraq.

"Free Iraq, Troops out of Iraq," read one banner as the crowd made its way from Rome's main train station along a boulevard skirting the Colosseum.

Many marchers waved rainbow-colored peace flags, which were draped on windowsills and balconies throughout Italy in the months leading up to the war. Other participants twirled the red flags of Italian Communists.

Another marcher, Irene Corradino, 38, said she came from Milan on behalf of Sgrena and "to deliver a protest message to our leaders who support the war."

Public opinion surveys have indicated widespread Italian opposition to the invasion.

Let me emphasize, again, that this is mere speculation and the larger part of me rejects it. However, some small part of me still thinks this whole thing is a sham.

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