February 18, 2005

Is Brit Hume a Gay Prostitute?

Having taken down the highly influential and powerful media figure of Jeff Gannon, the left takes on the VRWC's #2 man--Brit Hume.

Sources inside Media Matters have revealed that Brit Hume misquoted FDR and is really a gay prostitute name 'Joe Hung'. He also likes gay sex, with gay men.

When asked about the matter, Duncan 'Atrios' Black said:

You wingnuts just don't get it. This is not abut sex, this is about Brit Hume lying about the icon of heterosexual masculinity's, FDR's--a real ladies man, a man who was schtooping some really fine secretaries (not like that bull-dyke, Eleanor!!)--view of Social Security. FDR felt the same way about Social Security as Bill Clinton, who as we all know banged a lot of chicks in the White House. This is not about the sordid details of Brit Hume's secret gay life as a gay prostitute with gay men. Nor is it about all the gay sex he was having with those hypocritical and biggotted Republican Nazis who hate gays because they secretly are gay in the White House. It's not even about whether or not the President knew Hume was probably having gay sex with Andy Card for money. No, this is about lying.

Why do you wingnuts always focus in on the sex? Homophobes.

Bill at INDC has the Oliver Willis wing of Media Matters reaction after he stopped taking his meds.

Goldstein has the vital background info here. He also has an important poll up here.

Kevin at Wizbang offers a blow by blow smack down of Gannongate (via TxFx). Meanwhile, I received this informative press release letting me know of the importance of Gannongate:


Feb.17, 2005 -Internet researchers have uncovered new evidence that contradicts the Bush Administration's claims about James Guckert, a Republican activist allegedly involved in criminal activities [ed note: italics added]and linked to an incident involving a major breach of national security [update: added the bold] . Guckert, operating as "Jeff Gannon," was granted daily access to White House press briefings for more than two years as a "reporter" [ed note: the quotes are original, but I wish I had added them]for Talon "News" [update: added "" around News for dramatic affect].

White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan stated that Guckert was granted access in part because he was affiliated with a news organization that "publishes regularly." But yesterday, bloggers discovered video footage suggesting this standard was not applied to Guckert. Video footage of a Feb. 28, 2003 White House press briefing shows Guckert, apparently unaffiliated with any news organization [ed note: how does video suggest this, er...???], asking former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer a question. It is unclear why Guckert was granted any pass at this time, since the Internet-based Talon News did not register its domain name until March 29, 2003. [ed note: plant!!! See, Bush=Hitler, chimp-shrub-Bush is a liar, thousands died because Bush lied!!]

Maureen Dowd, a Pulitzer Prize [update: italics added] winning columnist for the New York Times, reported today she was denied press credentials at the start of the Bush administration in 2001. Yet Guckert, whose only journalistic training was derived from a $50 weekend seminar, was repeatedly granted access. [ed note: $50 gained by renting his cornhole out to the highest bidder (not that there's anything wrong with that)0

Despite calls from Congress for the White House to disclose its standards for entrance to the briefing room, the Bush administration has yet to reveal its credentialing standards or details surrounding the scandal, including: specific dates when Guckert was admitted to the briefing room, how many passes he was issued, as well as how he cleared a Secret Service background check while owing the state of Delaware over $20,000 in back taxes (penalties and interest) and possibly engaging in prostitution, as revealed by Americablog.org. [ed note: but this is not about gay sex. Those nude gay pictures of Guckert with a gay erection on Americablog is just incidental to the story]

Guckert has also been implicated in a leak of federal classified information that revealed the identity of CIA undercover agent Valerie Plame [update: italics added--unfortunately, no tinfoil available in html]. Revealing the identity of an undercover agent is a federal crime [ed note: what did Bush know, and when did he know it?? Bush lied thousands died!!].

White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan has insisted that President Bush will do anything he can to assist the Plame investigation. But the White House has not answered questions about the role of Guckert in the Plame investigation [ed note: namely, did President Bush have gay sex with Guckert and reveal Plame in a moment of passion?] or his inexplicable access to White House Press Corps briefings.

More on Hume at Rob at Say Anything, Secure Liberty, Confederate Yankee, Villainous Company, and others from Instapundit.

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