February 16, 2005

Syria and Iran Form Anti-US Alliance

The Axis of Evil decided to replace Iraq with Syria today. Iran announced they will put up a united front against the US with their Muslim brothers in Syria. While both Syria and Iran have opposed the two year old US occupation of Iraq, the latest diplomatic maneuvering came after the US objected to the nearly 30 year old Syrian occupation of Lebanon. BBC:

Iran has vowed to back Syria against "challenges and threats" as both countries face strong US pressure.

"We are ready to help Syria on all grounds to confront threats," Iranian Vice-President Mohammad Reza Aref said after meeting Syrian PM Naji al-Otari....

"Our Syrian brothers are facing specific threats and we hope they can benefit from our experience. We are ready to give them any help necessary," Mr Aref said.

Syria, for its part, backed away from the Iranian threats:
However, Syria's ambassador in the US denied that the common front was an alliance against Washington.

"We are not the enemies of the United States, and we do not want to be drawn into such an enmity," Imad Moustapha told CNN.


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