February 15, 2005

Outting Bloggers: Atrios' Gay Singles Ad Revealed


Duncan Black seems to be obsessed with outting gay Republicans. I haven't spoken on the outting of Jeff Gannon because so many other bloggers have been doing a good job of following the story. Bill at INDC offers a comprehensive roundup of the story here. Captain Ed and Ace put it all into perspective.

Kevin at Wizbang offers the excellent insight that Duncan "Atrios" Black's employer, Media Matters, is also obsessed with outting gay Republicans. But is the political angle the real reason why Atrios is so obsessed? Maybe something else is going on here? Something far more personal?

With this in mind I sicked The Jawa Report's gay intern, Bill Dauterive, on the case. He found this at Gay Singles Online. Is the following link to an ad by Duncan Black? You be the judge.

Atrios' online gay singles advertisement? CLICK HERE

Critical Update 2/17: From this post---Is Al Gore Jeff Gannon's gay hooker John?

Critical Update so Critical that it is Critical that I put it right smack in the middle of the post: Sobekepundit, as the responsible citizen journalist that he is responds to Goldstein's call for 'MORE GAY PORN' has uncovered the original photo, which 'proves' that Atrios is gay!!

Bill at INDC also uncovers this super-secret DaVinci code revelation. Why did I do this post? Because Goldstein asked for MORE GAY WITCH HUNTING! THE FUTURE OF THE REPUBLIC DEPENDS UPON IT!

UPDATE: Commissar chimes in. Pennywit has more (via Bill)

UPDATE II: Linked by Duncan "I'm not obsessed with outting gay Republicans 'Atrios' you're the one who is obsessed" Black. Update within and update: And now by Pandagon. Welcome leftwingers! Yes, this is how the rest of America thinks......

UPDATE III: Check out comments by the many Eschaton readers and tell me which side of the blogosphere is more uptight?

UPDATE IV: For those of you who are new here, howdy from Jesus-land!! Yes, this is pretty jeuvenile humor. One might even call it trite. I wonder which is more trite? Outting an insignificant gay hack of a reporter, or poking fun at Atrios??????

UPDATE V: Since so many of have said that I 'just don't get it' and this whole thing is really about 'hypocrisy', Jeff G is spot on with this answer (READ IT ALL):

This is about nothing more than hypocrisy (though don’t press me on specifics, because I’m not sure how, exactly, opposing gay marriage and hating gays are equivalent) and an orchestrated hit on Valerie Plame—and of course making sure those who have access to the White House press room are PURE AND OBJECTIVE—PARAGONS OF JOURNALIST VIRTUE!

Yet another update: Identity theft & satire--related.

CRITICAL UPDATE: Eschaton readers threaten lawsuit against Jawa Report!!

I would get ready for a lawsuit sir. Your attempt to discredit Atrios by manufacturing a online ad was a really dumb move on your part. This is easily traceable and its already been placed on you. Thats clearly a defamation suit. Its coming sir.
Um, attention idiots. Last time I checked humor and satire were protected speech---even if done in poor taste. Duncan 'not gay' Black's name is not even used in the advertisement. His e-mail is not used either.

What a bunch of whiny little bitches for readers.......I'm not trying to discredit Atrios by this ad. What I'm attempting to do is make fun of him and all of you who think it is the height of muckraking to out someone.

Another critical update: Atrios e-mails me:

they have no standing to sue you
Thank you Duncan, who I might ad is NOT GAY!!!

Critical Snarky Sarcasm Update: *Disclosure for Eschaton readers--the following is offered by Ace of Spades Headquarters and is 'satire'. Read the whole thing:

Let me tell you something: Jeff Gannon is the straightest, most masculine man I've ever met. He is all-man, straight as an arrow (a very heterosexual arrow, let me add), even when he pounds me up the man-pooter every alternate Thursday.
Critical Snarky Sarcasm Update Within a Snarky Sarcasm Update: Jeff G has more on Gannon-Cock-Gate
STOP THE MADNESS!Update for the Eschaton reader who just signed me up on about 50 different spam sites and openned a Netflix account in my name. Thanks a lot, I sure hope they have that gay-porn director's cut of F-911!Critical Postscript to the Critical Updates to the first PS--thanks to all the commenters who have attempted to 'keep it real'!! (Traffic Jam!)

Last Update Before I Go Home and Order Me Up One of them Gay Prostitutes: All of the lefty commenters keep telling me that I 'just don't get the significance of the thing'. Press release from Democrats.com telling me the significance (via Instapundit):

Did George W. Bush Have S*x with That Man, James Guckert?
Because serious journalists want to know........

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