February 14, 2005

Libertarian Girl's True Identity Found

****Exclusive**** ***Must Cite Jawa Report****

I have found an actual pic of Libertarian girl!!!

I've been saying for over a year now that the best way to get readers is to blog as if you're a woman. But not just any woman, a hot woman. My now defunct Hot Iraqi Chick blog was proof that geeky men on computers are suckers for a blogger with boobs.

'Amanda Doerty', of Hot Abercrombie Chick fame, originated the scam. Recently I accused Witty Sex Kitten of running the same scam, but a buddy of mine assured me that she was real and says 'and I should know', wink-wink.

It turns out that an on again off again commenter here at the Jawa, Libertarian Girl, is also pulling the old "Hot Lesbo Star Wars Chick Pundit" scam. Remember, boobs = clicks. Catallarchy (via Wizbang) did some digging. The image on the left is of "Libertarian Girl" and the one of the right is from a Russian Mail Order Bride service. The thing is, I actually tried to get a buddy of mine to hook up with 'her'!!

libertariangirl.jpg russianbride.jpg

Using the infinite resources of the VRWC, I have uncovered the true identity of both Libertarian Girl and the Mail Order Bride!!!


Others who need therapy because we had certain unmentionable 'thoughts' about Libertarian Girl:

Tim the Movementarianneeds Luvox.
Stephen Van Dyke has many more pics and obviously needs shock treatment.
The Collosus needs Prozac.
SJKSenior needs lithium.
Myopic Zeal needs Zoloft.
Chris Lawrence needs Wellbutrin.
Hengineer needs Paxil.
Dadahead needs Lexapro.
Eric needs Celexa.
John needs Serzone.

Real Hot Lesbo Star Wars Abercrombie Witty Sex Kitten Libertarian Girls???
Jacqueline Mackie Paisley Passey

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