February 09, 2005

Al Qaeda Operatives Arrested in Iraq

Note that it was the Iraqis who caught these Abu Musaab al-Zarqawi aides with the aid of the local population. Zarqawi's organization, previously known as Tawhid and Jihad, is now al Qaeda in Iraq. Zarqawi's terrorist group is behind many of the beheading murders in Iraq. Yesterday another Zarqawi aid was arrested in Tikrit on suspicion of being involved in beheadings. Very good news indeed. Via the Reliapundit this article:

Iraqi security forces arrested several assistants to Abu Musaab Al-Zarqawi after storming hideouts in Al-Ramadi, said the Iraqi government in a statement Tuesday.

The statement said the Iraqi forces arrested in Al-Ramadi a group of terrorists including Adnaan Al-Delimi, 34, who is also known as Abu Abdulrahman.

It added, forces arrested another assistant to Al-Zarqawi in the city named Abbas Al-Obaidi, 39, who is also known as Abu Ali.

They also detained Adnan Al-Saadawi, 38, known as Abu Ahmad, who is a suspect of planning and financing several terrorist attacks within Al-Zarqawi network.

The Iraqi government also announced the arrest of Abu Waleed, the military advisor of Al-Zarqawi, also known as Enaad Al-Qaisi.

A statement issued by the Iraqi cabinet said, Abu Waleed, a 41 years old Jordanian, "provided facilities for Al-Zarqawi network which is tied to Al-Qaida terrorist network".

Spokesman for Iraqi Premier Thaaer Al-Naqeeb said in a statement that the Iraqi security arrested Basheer Al-Takriti near Mousel.

He said, the detained is relative of the defunct Iraqi regime leader and suspected for supplying terrorists with weapons and money.

The Iraqi cabinet allocated today one million dollar for anyone who provides the authorities with information that lead to arrest of Muhammad Yunus Al-Ahmad who is suspected for supporting terrorist attacks against the Iraqi people and authorities.

The cabinet added in a statement that officials of the Iraqi government expect Al-Ahmad to be in Syria.

Powerline offers a translation from an Iraqi newspaper provided to them by a reader of the same event:
Iraqi security forces arrested Adnan Muhamed Hamed Alqeisi also known as Abu Walied, during surprise operation in southern Baghdad. Abu Walied, and Iraqi of 41 years of age, was a facilitator for the terrorist group led by Alzarqawy who is tied to Alqaida. He was also in contact with Abu Omar, Hassan and Abu Seif who Zarqawy named commander of Baghdad; those were arrested earlier last month.

The Iraqi vice president Dr. Berhem Saleh said that Abu Walied was working as a military advisor to the top leaders in Zarqawy’s terror group, and he also supplied terrorist activities in Baghdad. The vice president also said that Zarqawy is loosing his battle against the Iraqi people and his organization of terrorists and criminals is loosing its main leaders over the last few weeks. This is to the credit of the Iraqi security forces and tips from the population.

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