February 08, 2005

Another Hoax? Website Claims Italian Hostage Dead

The last time a group with a name like "Mujahedeen Brigade" claimed to be holding a hostage, it turned out to be a G.I. Joe doll. Yesterday, the "Jihad Organization" said it would release the Italian hostage, Giuliana Sgrena.

Besides the name of the terrorist organization claiming to have killed Sgrena, there are a few other oddities about this message. Notice, for instance, that the "Mujahadeen Brigade" writes the message as if it is refuting the one posted yesterday. The Jihad Organization claimed yesterday that they had determined that Sgrena was NOT working for US troops. This message claims that the Mujahadeen Brigade was certain she was working for the "American Crusader Troops."

The next few hours will tell which message is the hoax. Unless, of course, the whole incident is a hoax......

Fox News:

A Web posting in the name of a militant group in Iraq (search) claimed Tuesday to have executed an Italian female journalist, but there was no way to determine the report's credibility.

The posting was signed by a different group than the one that had earlier claimed to have kidnapped Giuliana Sgrena (search). Both statements were posted on a Web site used as a clearing house for militants.

The Jihad Organization had earlier claimed responsibility for Friday's kidnapping of Sgrena, 56, but Tuesday's statement was signed by the Mujahedeen Brigade in Iraq (search).

"Your brothers in the Mujahedeen (holy fighters) Brigade have executed the Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena after making sure that she has spied on the mujahedeen for the American Crusade troops," said the statement.

It said the killing was a message to the American government "that this would be the destiny of agents and spies." It was also warning to Italy against continuing with America in its war on Iraq and a message to the holy fighters to "carry on that path until the liberation of the last spot from Muslim land, and know that the occupation of Iraq is the beginning of the end of America, God willing."

More. And more again.

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