February 07, 2005

Italian Hostage Hoax: Terrorists to Release Giuliana Sgrena

As predicted, Italian hostage Giuliana Sgrena is to be released:

Since it has become absolutely clear that the Italian prisoner is not involved in espionage for the infidels in Iraq, and in response to the call from the Muslim Clerics Association, we in the Jihad Organization will release the Italian prisoner in the coming days
I've been saying that this was either a hoax or that the terrorists will let her go once they find out she's an anti-American activist from the begining. To quote myself earlier today:
Just be sure to cite The Jawa Report when she is released, writes an exclusive story about her 'ordeal', and then slams the US in it for forcing the poor innocent mujahadin to resort to such tactics.
Hat tip: Chad Evans and Kevin Aylward.

Chad has more. So does Digger. Shamelessly linked at OTB.

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