February 07, 2005

Italian Hostage: Deadline Passes Without Word of her Fate

The deadline set for Italian hostage Giuliana Sgrena by her captors has passed. The Organization for Jihad gave the Italian government 48 hours to pull out of Iraq last Saturday, or else:

"we will announce the fate of (Giuliana Sgrena) in the imminent future".

"We are still questioning the hostage, and the Sharia (religious) committee will soon present its verdict," the group said.

"We consider that this is the last message for the Italian
government, and there will be no safety or stability as long as there is one Italian soldier on Iraqi soil," said the group.

Deadline: passed and she's not dead yet??? Hmmm, I wonder if the 'Sharia committee' is having second thoughts about killing a woman who is on their side.......Just be sure to cite The Jawa Report when she is released, writes an exclusive story about her 'ordeal', and then slams the US in it for forcing the poor innocent mujahadin to resort to such tactics.

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