February 03, 2005

Chechen Terrorist Vows More School Massacres on Video

In a video interview, Shamil Basayev claims that the Beslan massacre was a mistake. No, not like you think. He was hoping his terrorist followers would be able to take two schools full of children hostage. Oh, and yes, he probably will be forced to massacre more school children in the future. But it's not his fault. It's the Russians fault.

Russia, for their part, has asked the British TV station Channel 4 to refrain from broadcasting the video.

In related news, rumors have begun circulating that Basayev is dead. No tears shed here if true. A web-site linked to the Chechen terrorists has also called for a cease-fire, bolstering claims of the terrorist chief's death.

And what does the MSM call the man?

Australia's ABC News calls the man a Chechen warlord. The Canadian Globe and Mail calls him a Chechen leader.

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