February 01, 2005

More Hoaxes: Experts Doubt Authenticity of British Plane Downing Video

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First, the Jawa report debunked Ansar al-Islam's claim to have downed a British plane yesterday. Then, we help the blogosphere debunk the claim that the Mujahideen Squadrons captured a US soldier in Iraq today. (Incidentally, both claims were made on the same Islamist bulletin board, meaning whoever is behind the claims speaks Arabic.) Today, there is word that the video released by the 1920 Revolution's Brigade and shown on al Jazeera, of the British C-130 being shot down is also a hoax.

AFP in Turkish Press:

Francis Tusa, editor of Defence Analysis, said the footage contained numerous discrepancies, noting that it was taped in broad daylight while the crash took place early evening.

There was also no direct image of the supposed attack, simply three different clips edited together. One showed a finger pressing a button to launch a rocket, followed by a fireball and finally the wreckage of what was alleged to be the British plane.

"At the moment there is no evidence they have shown that shows that is the RAF aircraft," Tusa told AFP.

If the militants had really put all the camera gear in place, you would have expected to see more of the action, he said.

"The other thing is that it took them over a day to get that video out, which we think was because they were taking time to try to edit footage to make it look right."

The wreckage of an engine shown in the film could have come from a Hercules but "it also bears some similarity to a large helicopter engine," said Tusa, referring to a Sea Stallion such as the one that crashed in Iraq last month, killing all 31 US marines aboard.


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