January 26, 2005

Religion of Peace Roundup 1/26/05

Brought to you by the Religion of Peas in a Can Council.

After videotaping himself beheading civilians for the past year and a half and publicly proclaiming himself the head of al Qaeda in Iraq, the UN finally designates Abu Musab al-Zarqawi a 'terrorist' and freezes his assets.

England to free 12 terror suspects. (ht: Chad Evans)

Two ex-Gitmo inmates return to England--promptly promise to sue US.

They're guerrillas, not terrorists says Italian Judge--then sets them free! (ht: Robert Spencer)

Profile of foreign terrorists fighting in Iraq (ht: Evan)

Are the Saudis funding Wahhabi extremist propaganda on Iraqi 'independent' TV? (ht: Captain Ed)

80 lashes given to 12 year old pick-pocket in Kingdom of the Religion of Peace (ht: Robert Spencer)

Terrorism caused by ideas, yeah but I wonder what ideas those would be.... (ht: Spencer, again)

Jihad recruitment on the rise in Europe...no connection to massive influx of Muslims immigrants, though. (ht: Charles Johnson)

UN Blames Zionists and Jew Controlled America for Arab Social Problems (ht: Daniel)

Let's face it, Islam doesn't mean Peace...(ht: Cameron)

Where are all those Leftist human shields when you need them?? You know, to guard the polling stations....

Jews causing Anti-semetism in Russia. (ht: Ace)

Has Iraq made us weaker?? No, say's VDH (ht: Dean)

75% of Iraqis say security where they live is either 'good' or 'average.' (ht: Instawhateverhisnameis)

Marine Helocopter Crashes, no foul play suspected (so far).....31 killed.

Support our troops, sign the petition (ht: Beth and Commissar)

And remember, you can't support the troops if you don't support the mission. (ht: John Donovan)

Excuse me while I whip this out.....

Asia by blog roundup.

I'm bigger than Jebus Martin Luther.

It's funny, because it's true....

Also true....


He said phial

INS finally showing some initiative and getting its act together.

Visionary Zarqawi offers anti-dote to democracy....

Remember, today is White Trash Wednesday

Speaking of White Trash, happy B-Day Robo!!

And friday should bring a brand new red-headed white trash redneck son of the soil into the world. Congrats!!

Team America: World Police coming to video April 5th!!!---classes cancelled.

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