January 26, 2005

Hallums Family Reacts to Hostage Video, $12 million dollar ranson demand made

Susan and Carrie are finally getting some MSM press again. As suspected, the bastards holding Roy are demanding a $12 million ransom. KESQ:

The former wife of an American who was kidnapped in Baghdad and appeared in a recent hostage video is urging President Bush to save him.

Speaking on the "Today" show this morning, Susan Hallums of Corona, California says her former husband Roy is a "patriotic" American hero who needs help....

[speaking of Roy's allusions to Bush] Hallums' daughter, Carrie, says she believes that statement was scripted. She insists he's "always been a supporter of our U-S government."

San Bernadino Sun:
"It was terrible to see him, but good to see him,' said Susan Hallums, Roy's ex-wife. "He's strong, but I could tell he was fearful for his life. He had a machine gun next to his head.'

The Corona woman said she thought Roy looked "pale, thin and fearful.'...

"The week before (the abduction), he e-mailed me every day, and he called (the) kids two or three times a week,' she said. "We were both very close to our children, so that should keep you close friends, and we were.'

Susan Hallums said that although the U.S. government adheres to a strong policy of non-negotiation with terrorists, Roy's former employer, Riyadh-based Saudi Arabian Trading and Construction Co., had been in contact with the hostage-takers since his abduction. The company told her $12 million was being demanded in exchange for her ex-husband's release....

"It hit me this morning when I was crying,' she said despondently while packing her suitcase. "I was devastated. It's still hard to see him. But he's strong and he's brave. If anybody could get through this, he will.'

The ex-wife of hostage Roy Hallums is appealing to President Bush to do something to win her ex-husband's freedom in Iraq.

On the tape, Hallums says he won't ask Bush for help because of what he calls Bush's "selfishness and unconcern."

But Susan Hallums says she believes he was forced to say those things. She says he's "an American hero" who "never hurt anybody" and "needs our help."

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