January 17, 2005

MLK Day Blogging and the Religion of Peas

My six year old daughter reminded me this morning that she didn't have to go to school because "today is the King's birthday." So how can I celebrate the King's birthday? Link drop. Apologies for not being able to put each link in its own post, but this is exactly how MLK would have wanted it to be.

It's the Religion of Peas update--

U.S. Prof Attacks Arab Muslim Student's Pro-Americanism at Hyscience.

"Kuwaiti Mujahideen" Claim Attacks on Foreigners, Army Base by Evan Kohlman.

Is the coming Caliphate of Europe dangerous over at the Astute Blogger.

Crosswalk notes the insurgents have produced an English language propaganda video.

Misha on 'Torture' in the press.

(via Aylward) Chrenkoff's good news from Iraq.

Saddam's piggybank: UN Oil for Food at Friends of Saddam.

Abbas calls for end to intifada....sorta at Captain's Quarters.

(via Ace) Blackfive has the goods on the traitors that call themselves 'reporters' in Iraq.

Unrelated to the Religion of Peas, but interesting.

Rally against illegal immigration photo-blogging by Digger.

Armstrong Williams' brother still not paying Jawa Report for support and Iowahawk has generic forms for product placement in your posts.

Hotel Rwanda movie review....I gots to see that!

SNL Rathergate skit over at RatherBias (via Slantpoint)

Interesting, interesting, very interesting, then suddenly I lost interst while walking down the street @ SWG.

Now you know who NOT to talk to at a dinner party from the Colossus.

Flea, art, and the value of the snow peso.

Orgazmo in the GWOT at Edotors in PJ's.

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