January 17, 2005

Al-Qaeda Women's Magazine

(Rome, Italy) According to the Italian Information and Democratic Security Service (SISDe), al-Qaeda publishes a monthly Internet magazine for female terrorists called Al Khansa which provides guidance and advice on how Muslim women can be better suicide bombers. The view of al-Qaeda is that women become "emancipated" through martyrdom and equality between the sexes is achieved.

Among a variety of subjects, Al Khansa gives tips to aspiring female suicide bombers on fitness, diet, fashion, and how to "conquer the passions" to prevent any final flings before lacing up an explosive-laden corset. Also included are instructions for first aid and emergency training, for learning the Koran, and for shooting and carrying ammunition. Nevertheless, although aspiring martyrs are considered largely emancipated, some prohibitions are emphasized. These include absolute restrictions on watching television and enjoying air conditioning and, of course, restraints on mandatory veils and tunics. Violations could result in a prison sentence, ruining any near-term plans for martyrdom. In other words, behave and be covered from the head to the floor or miss your chance to be adorned with C-4.

It's inconceivable to me that an aspiring suicide bomber would reasonably need or care about advice regarding her diet. And, the contention that a female martyr is equal to a male martyr makes no sense. A male martyr is greeted in heaven by 72 virgins. As far as I know, nothing comparable awaits the female martyr.

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