January 11, 2005

Man Beheaded in Saudi Arabia

You know how the followers of the Religion of Peace like to say things like "beheading is un-Islamic" or "beheading is a recent phenomenon in Islamic countries" and what not? A man convicted of drug smuggling was just beheaded in Saudi Arabia and two more necks are scheduled to meet with a noose in Kuwait later today. I guess it was Saudi Arabia's radical secularism that caused this particular form of punishment. Pak Tribune:

Khan Wali Majid Khan, a Pakistani national, was beheaded here Monday after being convicted for smuggling heroin into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, said a statement released by the Interior Ministry.
He was convicted by the Shariah court, and the verdict was approved by the Cassation court and the Supreme Judicial Council...

Moreover, Two arrested Pakistan drug smugglers would be executed here early Tuesday after Kuwaiti courts and Amir of the state found them guilty of smuggling heroin to Kuwait.

Ayub Shah 30 and Usman Khan 40 were rounded up by Kuwait Custom officials for smuggling heroin in 2002 and both the accused later confessed their guilt when they were produced before the court, according to Kuwait police....

After the rejection of their mercy appeals by the Amir of Kuwait, the Kuwait Attorney General has issued order to conduct execution of both of the Pakistanis at Naif Palace. They would be hanged publicly.

Note that it was a Shariah court that convicted Mr. Khan. Not that hanging makes you any less dead than beheading, but beheading does have a long history in Muslim lands and is explicitly approved of in the Koran. Because it is an acceptable form of punishment, hostages who are beheaded are first made to confess to various crimes against Islam. Thus, Islamic fanatics rationalize beheading as the meting out of justice to apostates, collaboraters, and sinners.

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