January 01, 2005

Two Beheaded Bodies Found in Baghdad

- News.com.au

IRAQI police found beheaded two bodies in western Baghdad today along with a note that said they were truck drivers killed because they were working with the US military.

It was not yet known whether the two men were Iraqis or foreigners, police said.

"This is the punishment for all those working with the Americans," read the note left with the bodies, which were both inside bags and dumped on the street.

No group has yet to claim credit for this act, however there have been many terrorist groups inside Iraq who have targeted truck drivers and later beheaded them. While the "reasoning" the terrorists gave sounds familiar to that of Al Qaeda in Iraq and Ansar al-Sunnah, it is important to note the many terrorist groups in Iraq have copied tactics, targets and statements from other groups in a sort of copycat fashion.

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