December 14, 2004

Enemies Among Us: or Where is Rowdy Roddy Piper when you need him?


Enemies are all around us, we just cannot see them. Not all Muslims in America are our enemies, but a substantial minority are. Perhaps only a tiny subset supports terrorism as a means to an end, but it is the end which I fear more than the means. That end is the imposition of Islamic law. As long as American Muslims support Sharia, or Islamic Law, they are our enemies.

Earlier I posted on an event scheduled by the Metroplex Organization of Muslims in America in Irving, Texas celebrating the man who coined the phrase 'Great Satan' to describe the United States, the Ayattollah Komeini. I made fun of Khomeini in that post for being a child molester. He was. Like the Prophet Mohammed before him he married and had sex with a 9 year old girl. By definition that is a child molester.

But if Khomeini were only a child molester he would be much less dangerous than he remains to this day. Khomeini's legacy is one of oppression, death, and terror. 25 years ago Khomeini began an Islamist revolution that inspired the likes of Ossama bin Laden. The ideas of the Islamic revolution outlive Khomeini's personal crimes. The Islamist idea itself is a crime.

The Islamist ideal is one with no seperation of church and state. This goes far beyond the Christian Right's demand for recognition of religious life--such as prayer in school--but would extend to all aspects of society. The Christian Right, as far as I can tell, wants a value system that hearkens back to the 1950s. Islamists want a value system that hearkens back to the 1350s. The Christian Right wants to outlaw abortion, the Islamists want to outlaw fornication. The Christian Right wants to reassert the right to speak openly about God in public, the Islamists want to outlaw the conversion of Muslims to other religions. The Christian Right might look down upon you for having a kid out of wedlock, the Islamists want to put you in jail for it (or worse).

The values of Islamism are incompatible with the values of American liberalism.

When I hear that Shia Muslims in Texas are about to celebrate this man, I quiver at their stupidity. When I hear that Shia Muslims around the country will join in unity to celebrate the Islamic state, I tremble with fear. These people are the enemies of liberty. These people are the enemies of freedom. These people are the enemies of the United States.

Most American Muslims of Persian background came here fleeing Khomeini. They are secularists. They fled the chaos of the Iranian Revolution and have relatives who have lived through the nightmare that is the Islamic Republic. They are our friends, neighbors, and allies against the totalitarianism that is the ideal Islamic state.

But what of the Islamists? For years we have been hearing of the threat of Wahhabism. Wahhabism is an extreme sect of Sunni Islam. We've been keeping an eye on these guys for awhile. But what if the threat runs deeper than Wahhabis? What if the threat is found in other branches of Islam? What if the threat of Islamism is in moderate mosques? What if it is even in Shia mosques?

It is. The Irving Mosque is just an example of what many of us have known for some time--the tendency for Muslims of all stripes to be unified around the goal of imposed Sharia law and the uniting of Muslims in an Islamic state. What that state would look like is much disputed--some prefer a return to a Caliphate, others to an Islamic Republic such as in Iran. What Sharia would look like is much disputed--some prefer a Taliban like Sharia while others believe in the most liberal interpretation of Sharia possible. One that would, say, fine you for blasphemy rather than sentence you to death.

But Sharia, liberal or conservative, is still religious law and therefore un-American. A democracy set up along the lines of an Islamic Republic is still a religious state and is therefore un-American. There is such a thing as un-American. This is it.

Rowdy Roddy Piper Where are you when we need you?

Islamist and secularist look alike. They celebrate the same holidays and observe the same dietary restrictions. Islamists don't beat their wives more than secularists. They mow their lawns. They take out their garbage. They wave to you in the morning. They go to work. They have prosperous businesses. They pay their taxes. They are nice people. You cannot tell who they are by looking at them. Some are black, some are white, some are Middle Eastern, some are Asian. You will not know one when you meet one. Still, they are your enemy.

One of my favorite movies of all times is John Carpenter's They Live. In that movie 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper finds a pair of glasses. The glasses allow him to see the reality of the crumbling world around him. The truth was that aliens were in control. They looked just like the rest of us, but with the glasses you could see them. You could see the propaganda and lies behind what they were saying. You could see the enemy amongst us.

If we only had those glasses things would be so much easier. If we only had those glasses we could isolate the enemies within. If we only had those glasses we could keep an eye on the danger.

We have no glasses. Until we get some it will be up to Muslim Americans themselves to isolate not only those that support violent jihad, but also those that support the Islamist ideal. If they do not, the enemies will go unchecked.

Rowdy Roddy Piper Where are you when we need you?


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