December 01, 2004

Fallujah War-Crimes Slideshow

Last week we reported that the IMEF & MNC-I EFFECTS Exploitation Team had created a Power-Point slideshow documenting war crimes committed in Fallujah by the Jihadis there--a slideshow forwarded to me by John Donovan. Because of the size of the file I was unable to post most of the pictures here and viewing each slide at John Donovan's photo site has been slow. Digger, Chad, Baghdad Dweller, Beth, and others also put up some of the images, but not all. I must have sent the complete slideshow to 30 or more people who requested it and the offer still stands, just e-mail me.

Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs has been kind enough to create an online slideshow here. The slideshow is automatic and kicks butt. If you haven't already seen the slides, please check them out. The slides document the attrocities and war crimes committed by our enemies, but they are safe for work. If you have already seen them, please help get the word out by forwarding the link to your friends. If you are a blogger please link to the page created by Charles here. This deserves front page coverage from the MSM. Let's put a little pajama power behind this!

Here is a sample image from the slideshow along with two vidcaps I took from a beheading video documenting the connection between the 'insurgents' and terrorists:

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