November 30, 2004

Barking Moonbats in Canada Alert

Canadians protesting Bush's visit. I saw Christmas with the Kranks last Friday, this protest looks much funnier. Go check out the Ravishing Light's photo essay posted here, here, and here. (via LGF)

Ok, I think we all can agree that Bush=Hitler....but that Star Wars crack just goes too far!! I say invade Canada now!!

But seriously, moonbats like this are the reason Bush will probably be assasinated. Why? Because if you really believe Bush=Hitler then isn't killing him the right thing to do? A running theme on this blog is that people do terrible things because they believe that what they are doing is for a just cause. This is why the battle for ideas is every bit as important as the physical battles being fought by our brave soldiers abroad.

PS-Looks like turnout was lighter than expected.

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