November 24, 2004

Four More Arrested in Jakarta Bombing Plot

My only question: shouldn't the cops have let them detonate those suicide belts? VOA:

Police in Indonesia have confirmed the capture of one of the country's most wanted terrorist suspects. The man, known as Rois is one of four people detained for the September car bombing of the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, which killed 11 people.

Iwan Darmawan, more commonly known as Rois, is among four men Indonesian police say they have captured in connection with the September 9, Australia Embassy bombing in Jakarta.

The head of Indonesia's police force, General Da'i Bachtiar, held a news conference Wednesday.

He says that Rois - the mastermind - recruited suicide bomber Heri Golun, who carried out the attack, and hid a man called Azahari Husin - the master bomb maker of the terrorist group Jemaah Islamiyah.

General Bachtiar says Rois and the others were captured in the town of Bogor in west Java two weeks ago. He says the four suspects were wearing so-called suicide belts at the time, but they failed to detonate the devices.

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