November 24, 2004

Rebranding the Democratic Party

Rob from Say Anything sent me this link today. We here at The Jawa Report would never sink to the level of making fun of Oliver Willis! We do not approve. But in the spirit of helping our friends in the Democratic Party recoup from their sorrowful loss, we do suggest you mosy on over to the Tempus Fugit's new Rebrand Democrats Site and suggest a new slogan or two for the Democrats. Here's my favorite. Kevin Aylward, on the other hand, likes this one. Laurence Simon likes this one. And not to be outdone, John Henke adds his two bits here. I'm sure the problem with the Democratic party is simply one of image and that after a little rebranding the American people will no longer look at them like a bunch of whiny little bitches. But that's just me.

Go create your own DNC poster here.

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