November 24, 2004

Images of Geneva Convention Violations from Fallujah

UPDATED 11/24: A few more images added. The orignial images are here on John Donovan's server but due to traffic volume it may not work from time to time. Digger has uploaded some of the images to his site here.

A lot has been made of a single image of a single event which may or may not have been a violation of the Law of War documented by Kevin Sites in Fallujah. But what about images documenting how our enemies operated in that city? John Donovan has a post about this very thing and has uploaded images from a slide show presentation sent to him by the IMEF & MNC-I EFFECTS Exploitation Team. All of the images can be found here. I have a copy of the original powerpoint slideshow in ZIP format and can send it to you, just e-mail me. John has given me permission to share some of the images with you posted below along with some of my commentary. Please spread the word about this.

Attrocities and Hostages: I've decided to add this picture and move it to the front. Notice the flag. That is the flag of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's al Qaeda linked Tawhid and Jihad group. Click it for a larger image. The two images that follow are screenshots I took of the Kenneth Bigley and Jack Hensley beheading videos. The flag appears to be identical.

Below is an image of a room where hostages and other victims were murdered. The bags are full of sand used by the terrorists to clean up all the blood. On the walls you can see the dried blood the terrorists overlooked. Another image, not seen here but which is #33 here is of a handprint left in blood. Click to enlarge.

More on the hostage connection. Perhaps the computers below were used to upload all of the beheading videos put out by Zarqawi? One thing is for certain, Zarqawi is under enough pressure that he has been unable to upload the Margaret Hassan execution video. Thank you Marines. Click to enlarge.

The Syria Connection: Below is an image of a GPS unit found by the Marines. GPS waypoints are known locations used for reference, thus the fact that waypoints in Syria were on this unit indicates that it had probably been used in that country some time in the past. Click for larger image.

Bomb-making: Remember that Texas registered SUV found in Fallujah I talked about? Here it is. Looks like a Chevy Suburban. The terrorists were turning it into a car bomb. Click for larger image.

The slideshow also highlights the terrorists use of holy places in war. It notes that 60 of 100 Mosques in Fallujah were used for fighting or weapons caches. It also notes that 3 of Fallujah's hospitals were used by the terrorists as bases of operation. A list of foreign fighters is also shown. More here. Trust me, it's incredible.

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