November 23, 2004

Yeah, but would you let George Lucas have his way with you?

Isn't that really the ultimate question of devotion? Would you, like Gary in Team America: World Police, you know....Via Flea the story behind the George Lucas Usenet Archive:

This morning, as I was riding the bus to work, I thought of all that I had to be grateful for thanks to the strange and wondrous genius of George Walton Lucas. Could it be that my very life was a gift from George? As I realized how he had touched me, I wept loudly, ignoring the stares and words of derision from my fellow commuters....

If you are reading these words, you too have probably been moved as I was moved. However, my admiration and love for George Lucas is better than yours. It's something different, something golden, and sometimes I can't stand how people like you think.

But George thinks about it. He is not aloof from the "madding crowd". No, he embraces it, manfully, like a tender brother. That is why he shocked the world one day by sitting at his computer for eight straight hours sending posts to Usenet newsgroups and Internet message boards. On subsequent occasions he did it again and again, taking the time to explain his views, to tend to the helpless, and to heal those who were ill with his words of encouragement and hope.

I know Flea would let Kylie Minogue have her way with him, but I just don't get how that would somehow prove anything but his raging heterosexuality. Now if he let her sing to him without resorting to self-immolation...I'd say that was an act of heroic devotion!

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