November 18, 2004

Texas SUV Found in Car Bomb Factory in Fallujah

I blame Dick Cheney, Haliburton, and Enron. The real question was whether or not the Neocon Zionists drove the truck directly from Haliburton headquarters or if they took a detour through Israel, home of America's puppetmasters? Oh, and how much did Bush-Hitler know and when did he know it. CNN:

In a separate raid Thursday, the joint forces discovered a car bomb-making workshop in Falluja's industrial section where a sport-utility vehicle with a Texas registration sticker was being converted into a car bomb.

The SUV was sitting in a warehouse surrounded by "bags and bags" of explosive materials. It was being gutted and packed with explosives.

The vehicle had no license plate, but some 15 license plates were inside.

But seriously folks, WTF????

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