November 18, 2004

Body Found in Fallujah May be that of Margaret Hassan

The Prime Minister of Australia announced yesterday that the mutilated body of a woman found in Fallujah several days ago was probably that of Margaret Hassan. The PM later issued a retraction. DNA tests are now being run on the body.

Jihadis delivered the videotaped murder of Mrs. Hassan two days ago to al Jazeera television. On the video, Margaret Hassan is dressed in the orange jumpsuit of a prisoner at Abu Ghraib and shot in the back of the head. The body found in Fallujah was mutilated beyond recognition, but news reports indicate the woman had her throat slit. The corpse was also that of a blonde woman. Mrs. Hassan was a brunette.

If this is Mrs. Hassan's body, then either earlier reports were wrong or the terrorists dyed her hair to escape detection while transporting her from Southern Iraq northward to Fallujah. It is also possible that the word 'blonde' was used by an Iraqi to indicate a hair color lighter than the darker brunette more commonly found among Arabs. The good people of Fallujah had chopped off the arms and legs of the corpse. The fact that the throat had been slit might indicate that they were trying to behead the corpse as a final act of humiliation.

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