November 16, 2004

Zarqawi Website Shut Down For Good!!

Several websites linked to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi have been shut down by the Texas based company that hosted them. Hosting Anime has shut down all terrorist related sites on their servers. Apparently the new owners are less tolerant of pro-al Qaeda sites that justify the beheadings of hostages. I have one word for them: itsaboutfreakingtimeyouamoralterroristsupportingscumbags!!

Correction-Hosting Anime is not a Texas based company. The physical servers they leased belonged to EV1, a Texas based company. Thanks to Chad who brought this to my attention.

The website had been previously hacked on several occasions by a group calling itself Teamz USA. The story was first reported here (and then ripped off by MSNBC) and a second hacking was reported by Chad Evans (also ripped by MSM). Might I just add that a certain Star Wars themed website gave out the URL for Zarqawi to well over a hundred people promising to take down the site again....Perhaps the new owners just got sick of all the hackers?

Below is an image I captured from one of Zarqawi's websites. The same message can be found at other terrorist websites previously hosted by Hosting Anime. Click to enlarge.

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