November 16, 2004

Margaret Hassan Murdered on Video (UPDATED)

The terrorists have murdered Margaret Hassan, a woman who spent the majority of her life trying to help innocent Iraqis. Although I believe the organization she worked for was politically misguided, no one can question Margaret Hassan's motives. Rest In Peace. I will post images from the video when available. Why? You think you are outraged at the terrorists now, wait until you see the utter depravity of their actions. Watch one of these videos or see images from them and then try to equivocate between us and them. Developing....


The British embassy in Baghdad confirmed on Tuesday that a video tape had surfaced appearing to show the killing of kidnapped British-Iraqi aid worker Margaret Hassan, and said it was probably genuine.

"We can confirm there is a tape that appears to show Margaret's murder," an embassy official told Reuters. "We believe it is probably genuine."

UPDATE: The terrorists have taken to dressing their victims in the garb of Abu Ghraib prisoners. While Mrs. Hassan was probably murdered some days ago, I no longer think the appearence of the video and the announcement of another Abu Ghraib like scandal coming on the same day is a coincidence. The terrorists wish to convince the Muslim world that what they are doing is an eye for an eye. The repurcussions from Kevin Sikes' video showing an American Marine killing an unarmed man have already begun. Fox News:
The video shows a militant firing a pistol into the head of a blindfolded woman wearing an orange jumpsuit

UPDATE II: Lady Bird drops a comment letting us know that Margaret Hassan was her teacher. She has an amazing post of her own. It's a fitting tribute to Mrs. Hassan.

UPDATE III: You may donate to CARE International in Margaret Hassan's name here.

I should have knocked on wood after that earlier post. Thanks to Chad, Straight Banana, and others who notified me.

Others: Chad, Straight Banana, Ed, Mike, Digger, Chris, Lee, Slant Point, David, Jane, Laurence,

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