November 15, 2004

No Blood for Ivory / France Invasion Compared to Soviets

Incidentally, I'm agnostic on France's illegal invasion of the Ivory Coast. I'm just wondering when International ANSWER will show up at the French embassy to protest?Reuters:

Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo accused France on Monday of backing his rebel opponents and compared its military behaviour in his country to the 1968 Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia....

"Using the death of its soldiers at Bouake as a pretext, France has destroyed our absolute security," Gbagbo said, referring to the fighter jets he said had been bombing rebel positions and had brought his forces within a day of retaking the rebel stronghold of Bouake.

"Objectively, it has taken the rebels' side," he said.

Asked about Chirac's warning about the danger of leadership emerging in Abidjan with fascist tendencies, Gbagbo recalled that the French president had supported the single party that ruled Ivory Coast for 40 years.

"What could be closer to fascism than a single party? We were in prison under the single party supported by France. This is an insult," he said.

Gbagbo said French troops were now less visible on the streets in Ivory Coast but added that their deployment after the air raid that killed the French peacekeepers was intolerable.

"It was like the invasion of Prague in 1968," he said.

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