November 12, 2004

Jawa Polls

The Llamas want to know who will be the first up and coming blogger to beat Wonkette in the TTLB ecosystem? Honestly Steve, since you're the only one of us who's met her, maybe you could tell us if any of would really want to get on top of her in the Ecosystem.....But it should be noted that Mrs. Shackleford is a redhead, so I do know how to treat them. Go vote for the Jawa now!! I can't let Bill, Ace, Goldstein, Commissar, or Jeff mount her before I do!! Go vote!!

In a related poll, yours truly is losing to David Anderson in Digger's 'favorite blog' competition. I like David and all, but if I'm going to get beat by any one it's gonna be Michelle Malkin or Jane Novak--not some dude. Now go vote here too!!

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