November 11, 2004

Romanian Judge Stars in Porn

Sometimes the snide remarks just come too fast to process through your brain and to your fingertips. Too.... many... one... liners..... can't... get... brain... to... focus... Ok, it's been a long day and this was just too funny to pass up.

CNN (via Simon who says It gives new meaning to "All rise"):

A Romanian judge has quit after being accused of starring in an X-rated video, officials said.

Simona Lungu, 36, a judge at the Bucharest Tribunal, was investigated by judicial authorities over allegations that she acted in an adult video that was sold in Denmark.

Warning: Pics below are SFW, but not very attractive.......

This is just so funny on so many different levels. Here's a SFW pic of the judge in her OJ "if the glove doesn't fit you must acquit" moment. Apparently, she took some photos of herself to prove that she couldn't be the woman in the film. Ewwww. You've convinced me. No one in their right mind would cast you in any film, let alone an adult flick.

And here's a SFW image of " Simona Lungu " from the film 'Secretele Seductiei' or Secrets of Seduction.

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