November 10, 2004

Islamic Army in Iraq Shoots Down American Warplane

UPDATE: 4/22/05 Islamic Army in Iraq shoots down civilian helicopter, murders American survivor--report, video and images here.

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****Exclusive**** Must Cite Jawa Report****

The Islamic Army in Iraq has shot down a US warplane, the Jawa Report has learned. Below is an image taken yesterday from a website claiming to speak for 'The Islamic Army in Iraq'. The website has since been shut down, possibly by certain unnamed patriotic hackers. Yesterday we reported the story, but unable to speak Arabic misunderstood the photo of the lone masked terrorist as a threat that jihadi forces now had unmanned drones that would be used against Coalition troops. Thanks to long-time friend Evariste for providing a translation of the website, we can now confirm that the photo is that of a US 'warplane' shot down by the Islamic Army in Iraq.

Continue below to see the 'warplane' photo and part of the translation of the threat that went along with it.


May I just say, "ha-ha!!" Is this all you got, Islamic Army in Iraq? Murdering the innocent and unnarmed, taking people hostage for ransom, and the occasional roadside bomb? This is what you shot down?


Translation provided by Evariste of Discarded Lies:

"In the name of Allah, the most this, the most that, the Islamic Army in Iraq

The Felling Of The American Spying Plane

'fight them Allah will torture them by your hands and scorn them and aid you against them and he can see into the breasts of a believing people'-[qur'an quote].

Praise be to Allah the Lord of the two worlds, the powerful, the dear
And our most favorable prayers and peaceable supplications on the prophet of the gift and the prophet of the slaughter and on his tribe and host altogether (this is a reference to Ali, whom Shi'ites revere, and not to Muhammad).

And anyway. [it really says that, it's a common phrase to set off the meat of a message from the formulaic ritual invocations]

It has met Allah's favor, on the morning of this day of comity, Nov 6 2004, in the al Dulu3iyya area, that an American spying plane has been felled before one of the militias of the Islamic Army in Iraq.

(and your Lord is a watchful guardian)
And Allah is Great and Glory Be to Allah
The Islamic Army in Iraq.
The official website of the Islamic Army in Iraq."

I would also note that the Islamic Army in Iraq is a terrorist organization that works in the Shia areas of Iraq south of Baghdad.

All of the above is real. The photo was actually taken from a now defunct Islamic Army in Iraq website. The terrorists actually claim to have brought the 'spy plane' down. The terrorist actually use this photo as part of their propaganda effort

***PS-this isn't even close to an exclusive, other than the fact that I found the pic and wanted to poke fun of the jihadi terrorists. Everiste should get most the credit. I just thought it would be funny to build up to the exclusive photo of the 'warplane' before letting you see it.

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