November 09, 2004

Taliban Threatens to Behead Female UN Worker on Video

Last week the Taliban took 3 UN election workers hostage and released a video of them pleading for their lives [earlier post here]. The hostages are Annetta Flanigan from Northern Ireland, Shqipe Hebibi from Kosovo, and Angelito Nayan from the Phillipines. I have previously noted that the deadline set by the Taliban terrorists for their demands to be met had passed. Luckily, the deadline seems to move back at a constant rate. Today, a a spokesperson for the terrorists threatened to behead Shqipe Hebibi tomorrow. Reuters:

Another militant spokesman, Mullah Sabir Momin, had said Hebibi would be killed first and the "beheading" shown on video. "The decision on the other two will be taken after seeing the reaction of the Afghan government and the U.N.," he said.

Momin said Hebibi seemed the most important hostage. "She says she is a Muslim. If a Muslim helps infidels or America, that Muslim will be punished first."

Let's keep her in our prayers. (Does the head actually have to come off a hostage before Reuters will call the person a terrorist?)

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