November 09, 2004

Another Beheading in Thailand


Suspected Islamic militants beheaded a 60-year-old Buddhist labourer in Thailand's south in the second such slaying to avenge the deaths of 85 Muslims at the hands of security forces last month, police said on Tuesday....
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On Tuesday, the decapitated body of Kaew, 60, was found in a hut at the rubber plantation where he worked in Changpeuk village in Narathiwat province, said police Lieutenant Boonserm Klaewatee. The victims's surname was not available.

Kaew's head had been slashed repeatedly, apparently by a machete, he said.

Police found four handwritten letters with the body that threatened more attacks.

"This is not enough," one them read. "More will be killed in revenge for the innocents that were killed in the Tak Bai massacre."

Kaew is the third Buddhist man to be beheaded by suspected insurgents this year and the second apparently in retaliation for the Tak Bai incident. The head of a Buddhist village leader in Narathiwat was found November 2.

Earlier Tuesday, a Buddhist couple - Srinuan Chindai and his wife Korn - were slain by a motorcycle-riding gunman in the Banangstar district of nearby Yala province, said police Lieutenant Colonel Jakarin Bampensamai.

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