November 09, 2004

Test Blogging

I'm giving a test right now. Shhhhh. Be very quiet.

Seriously, they should never have put this computer in this classroom. With me it's blogging, but who knows what other profs are doing on this thing? Let's check the history cache and find out, shall we?

Nicenet classroom assistant. Ok, sounds legit.
Born Magazine--art and literature in the classroom? Nonsense. (of course the 'art' that this person was looking at is entitled 'Alice Neel:Butt Naked at 80'--ewww)
Xombie, online animated cartoon. We college profs are so sophisticated in our tastes, eh?
Alternet movie review--shock, we profs read articles written by the Nation's film critic.
Killing the Buddha--Who Do You Love: The Gospel of Punk --I totally need to find out who went here. Completely awesome site. For a wannabe pseudo-punk like myself, I just can't believe there is another wannabe pseudo-punk prof in this building.

And that's it, the entire history of this computer for the last 3 weeks. Except for this 'Jawa' thingy I'm seeing. Must be porn.

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