November 09, 2004

Muslim Terrorists Kidnap Italian Aid Worker in Phillipines

An Italian born aid worker named Andrea Cianferoni has been taken hostage in the Phillipines, probably by the Abu Sayyaf terrorist organization. The Abu Sayyaf jihadis are fighting for a seperate Islamic state in the Phillipines' southernmost islands. This is the same group that kidnapped American missionaries Martin and Gracia Burnham demanding millions of dollars in ransom. Martin Burnham was later killed by the terrorists during a rescue attempt. It looks like they are at it again:

An Italian aid worker was kidnapped in the Philippines early Tuesday by armed gunmen who demanded a ransom, Italian media reported here. The man was identified as Andrea Cianferoni, who works for Movimondo, an Italian non-government organization helping communities in conflict areas. Cianferone was kidnapped on the Philippines' main southern island of Mindanao, the center of a bloody Islamist separatist revolt.
Roberto Cianferoni, father of Andrea, the Florence-born agronomist kidnapped in the Philippines, attempted to call his son on the mobile. On the other end of the line, Roberto heard what were probably the voices of his son's kidnappers. A few moments later, however, the kidnappers hang up on him. The same happened the second time he tried to call.

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