November 09, 2004

Terror Alert: Missing Crop Duster/Propane Tanks

Missing crop duster causes TSA to raise terror alert. AVweb (via Robert Spencer):

"Although there is currently no indication that this has any connection to terrorist activity," the TSA said, "the theft is cause for concern. Past information indicates that members of al-Qa'ida may have planned -- or may still be planning -- to disperse biological or chemical agents from cropdusting aircraft."
Michelle Malkin adds this interesting twist:
TSA doesn't mention it, but fugitive Saudi pilot and suspected al Qaeda operative Adnan Shukrijumah remains the subject of an FBI manhunt along the U.S.-Mexico border and was reportedly tracked to Sonora, Mexico in August. Shukrijumah has been linked by federal authorities to Zacarias Moussaoui (who researched crop dusters), Jose Padilla and al Qaeda's alleged dirty bomb plot.
Michelle doesn't mnention it, but Sonora is just across the Arizona border. The plane was stolen from Colorado (for those of you in my intro class, that's just the other side of Arizona). Yesterday Spencer noted that several large propane tanks have been stolen, implying their potential for use in terrorism. Michelle also notes the propane connection today. Me? I'm not so sure. My money is on this man.

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