November 08, 2004

Michael Moore Blames Angelina Jolie for Bush 'Stealing' the Election

A buddy of mine, who is also a lefty, has been trying to make sense of this report being pimped by Michael Moore and gang that Bush stole the election by sending super-secret hackers (I imagine Angelina Jolie) in through a backdoor left open by the Diebold Cororation. He's been bugging me to try to explain it. To be honest, every time I think of hackers my mind wanders to Angelina Jolie, which inevitably leads me to a Google Image Search.....Anyway where was I? Oh, yeah, how to respond? I'll let Frank J. do the talking, since I'm back doing a Google Image Search anyway:

Nuts. Plain nuts.
I'm trying to respond but Angelina Jolie, like Ulysses' sirens, keeps pulling me from the point at hand!! Anyone have a better reply?

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